The title to this post is a little misleading. If one really wants to talk about the “Golden Age” of Reconquest it is hard to beat the Reconquista’s final conclusion with Ferdinand and Isabella. However, the time of one of Spain’s greatest warrior kings is a close second.

The holy bishop made his way to the house over which the light was resting, and inside he found a brand new baby boy named Brendan.

  At the dawn of the 16th Century the Spanish Inquisition had existed for some time. However, after years of persecuting the Conversos the Inquisition underwent many reforms. These reforms allowed the Spanish Inquisition to guide the nation of Spain through the traumatic days of the Reformation. The incredible difficulties that came out of the […]

This episode of the Catholic History Podcast takes a look at the Glossa Ordinaria or the Ordinary Gloss. It is a Bible Commentary from the Middle Ages that is truly a lost treasure.

Yesterday London experienced a heinous and barbaric attack, and we must pray for the victims and all those affected by terrorism. It may seem to some that the preservation of Western Civilization is a hopeless struggle. When it is not being attacked by external forces it is doing a bang up job of killing itself […]

Today in America El Cid is almost never studied in school as apart of Catholic history, however, some of the lucky students with excellent teachers do get a taste of El Cid from the famous poem, “Poema del Cid” (The Song of Cid) or the play Le Cid by Corneille. Regardless, it will be a happy day in Western Civilization when we once again we give proper due to the brave knights of Christendom and to the times in which they lived.

Father Murphy of County Wexford, Ireland led an army of farmers against the mightiest empire in the world. St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect day to learn the history of Boolavogue.

Spain spent 770 years fighting a war against Muslim extremism and eventually was victorious. This is the story of how that war began.

The story of the Leonine Walls has got it all: heroes and villains and a battle on par with Lepanto.

The Spanish Inquisition is one of the most misunderstood topics in Catholic History. This video focuses on the relationship between the Inquisitors and the Conversos.